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I T Services Delivery

No IT job is too small.  Dedicated analysts, consultants and engineers manage your platforms and systems as if they was their own.

A+ pc and laptop repair (all types),  Network+, Security+, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, SDLC, database engineering, network support and integration, small business solutions, VoIP solutions (voice/fax), managed services, Internet consulting

IT IS delivers results – not excuses.

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Rich Media Production

Making IT work at home, IT IS technology footprint includes audio/video production, including a Sound Booth, Green Screen, and the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud graphic, sound, and video solutions.

WordPress website development and hosting (with PHP) completes the RMP solution.

IT IS use these and many other technologies to creat a presence or message that is spot-on for your endeavor.

Rich Media – on disk, on chip, or on the Internet.

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Changing the Game

I T Electronics

We take intelligent technology seriously.  We know what to select and why – which is better for you!

Get your computers, accessories, office equipment and other acquisitions through IT IS, using our certified channels.

Our flagship product line itisCloudTV reduces household budgets by eliminating monthly cable TV bills.

Office VoIP telephone solutions equip detached offices with a single inbound telephone and fax service, extendable to your employee cell phones.

IT Solutions with Vision – more than just another computer store!

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Making I T Work – A Life-Long Dream

Building on a vision and a dream, IT IS represents what can happen when I T works.

VISION:  Use technology and the IT industry as change agents. Urban focus, urban solutions. Global reach, local change.  Train and hire locally, to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions globally.

VetTech – a Training and Mentoring Program for Veterans:  IT IS thanks veterans by offering assistance in job readiness, skills development, and motivational strategies, to help veterans become gainfully employed in the vast expanse called Information Technology

In the Hood, For the Good

  • Community residents enjoy being a part of “change”.
  • Old technology (which “lives” in the hood) is revived and maintained.
  • Churches and non-profits receive “special” treatment.
  • Interns and Veterans are eager to learn.

IT IS puts I T to work, to create dreams and turn dreams into reality!

Larry L. Broussard CEO and Principal Consultant
Larry L. Broussard, CEO

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We want to hear from you.  No task or assignment is too great or small.  The only dumb question is the one not asked.  We may even be able to address your issue with a simple phone call or email, but you never know until you ask.

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